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I… I want to watch this like right now. I don’t really care if it’s just a few seconds of cameo. Just to see old rangers coming back and suiting up makes me mark out.

And if I can be honest for a second, I believe that PRSM and Gokaiger -yeah, I’m going here- are so far different that comparisons are not valid. I love me some ‘Kaiger, considering it was my first sentai, buuuut…

Sentai and PR are not equivalents. They are different, independent. And deserve to be thought of as such.

You might have grown away from the camp of Power Rangers and moved over to the Sentai side, but you had to start somewhere. So, as PR fans -former or current-, can we just enjoy how Super Megaforce will unfurl?


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    Yes to all of this. Badmouthing on either side should STOP because there’s no need to compare and criticize. Can we just...
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    Now I cannot wait for Super Megaforce!!!
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    Tommy. Why are you giving that Samurai reject the Dragon Shield?
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    i’m gonna meet this guy at Supercon
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